Alexia Miall - Coach & Mentor


Alexia Miall has worn many hats in her professional life. From a career that started in advertising and banking, she then became one of the first teachers with one of the first leading edge personal development organisations in Australia. She has worked as an executive coach, a facilitator with Quest for Life with Petrea King, held many Board positions and was one of the founding members of the Walter Bellin Partnership. She is also experienced in a number of healing modalities which means that she can bring the unique mix of understanding the pressures of today’s corporate life while being able to offer wholistic, transpersonal approaches to help clients find new ways to grow.


As a cancer survivor, Alexia has had personal experience of what it takes to be resilient in the face of illness and ongoing pain.


“My journey with cancer and the ongoing pain I face with trigeminal neuralgia has challenged me to put all my learnings and practices around mindfulness, meditation and somatic therapy into where it matters most – healing myself. When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something's suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful. The cracked bowl with gold infill, reminds me how beautiful we all are.  That is, we all have a history, we all have suffered at some time.  Yet, the beauty of who we are still manages to shine through, no matter what life has thrown at us. 


One of my passions is to help people bring forward who they really are – in an authentic way. For me, I think this started as a child when I learnt ballet and tap and appeared in many class plays – I felt so natural on stage. Yet as an adult, we don’t always feel ‘natural’ on the stage of life. My commitment to my clients is to help them find their authentic voice, presence and live their lives fully.”





“Alexia is an experienced business coach and trainer who combines her gentle, peaceful nature with intelligence and wisdom. She supports people superbly and she really knows her stuff when it comes to leading people into processes that open them up to new ways of thinking and learning. Her work as a group facilitator is amazing because she knows how people tick and is willing to support them patiently as they learn...what a fantastic woman. I would recommend her services without hesitation.”

Margie Braunstein,

Facilitator at Quest for Life




·       Executive Coaching and Mentoring

·       Personal Growth

·       Emotional Intelligence

·       Spiritual Intelligence

·       Train the Trainer

·       360 Degree Feedback

·       Mindfulness & Meditation



Training and Qualifications


  • University of Technology, Sydney – Graduate Certificate in Adult Education in Training

  • Accredited Consultant at The Leadership Circle Asia Pacific 

  • Certification as a Facilitator of Transformation (Gita Bellin & Associates)

  • Analytics Practitioner of the Barret Values Cultural Transformation Model

  • Accredited Consultant the DiSC Personality Model

  • Accredited Practitioner Human Synergistics, LSI instrument

  • Accredited Practitioner CLS 360 instrument

  • Accredited Consultant Core Dimensions Q12 Instrument

  • Conflict Resolution Network Facilitator

  • Facilitator at the Quest for Life foundation

  • Training in Somatic Psychotherapy