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The light that shines deep inside...

Inside each of us there is a flame burning which is our innate urge to grow and develop as a person.

For some this flame naturally shines brightly and for others it is only just alight, buried deep below the pressures of a busy and hectic life.

Sometimes our flame is nurtured by a parent, a friend, a mentor or a wise boss.

Sometimes we connect with it through necessity when we find ourselves in a situation that requires it to shine more brightly.

Sometimes it gets a charge from some act of serendipity, as if the universe has conspired to put us in positions of growth and personal evolution, whether we like it or not.

Whatever the stimulation it becomes clear as we travel through life that there are really only two options: either we are growing, or we start shrinking – there is no resting in the status quo.

Flames burn brighter when they are in the presence of oxygen.

So, here is your question for today... what is it that gives your flame more oxygen?

So, pause a moment, can you feel your flame?


Now take a big breath. It's time to get started get started…

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