Personal Evolution is the

Mastery of the Inner Game


It’s easy to see a growing consciousness in children as they grow up.

Conventional wisdom leads us to believe that once we arrive in adulthood, that’s it.   We may learn more skills to assist us in what we do, but in terms of our Consciousness, well… that’s about as good as it gets.

However, over the last 20-30 years Keegan, Wilber and others have mapped the ongoing personal evolution of Adult Consciousness.

This evolutionary process has been described in many ways with many different stages. The 6 Stages illustrated here are consistent with their research.

In our society, roughly 75% make it as far as the Reactive (Socialised) Stage, but no further.   This is largely due to the fact that people’s natural need to grow is satisfied once they arrive at the level of their peers.

On arriving at the Reactive Stage, individuals are a product of the beliefs, attitudes and assumptions they have taken on board from their parents, teachers, peers and experiences through the process of growing into adulthood.   These beliefs become deeply embedded in the adult ego, and most are assumed and subconscious. They are strongly defended when challenged, and although many serve us well, there are also many that are self-limiting and have failed to move with the times.

However, roughly 25% of the population, usually through a process of deep internal questioning and then letting go of obsolete Reactive beliefs make it through to the Creative (Self-Authoring) stages and beyond.

It is a transformative process that greatly expands the awareness and sense of choice in the individual which allows for the development of their Leadership Competencies and wisdom in general.

The evolutionary steps beyond Reactive is the path along which true leaders develop and grow.  


Guiding and supporting people through this process of growth is central to the work we do with our clients.