Joanna Woutersz - Life Coach

‘This trail, this track, your life’ – creating wellness through movement


Joanna Woutersz is a former journalist, communications consultant, writer, therapist, facilitator, and life coach.

She has created a twenty-year career based on her key strengths – connection, communication, and relationship, whether it is through words, one-on-one or in groups.


She is inspired by big vision ideas, whether it’s for ways to transform cities into homeless shelters, insecure relationships into healthy attachments, unfit bodies into well ones that embrace everyday fitness or meals that are prepared for the love of food and the joy they bring to people. That and working with people, just like her, who have struggled, grown and never give up in this human quest to have our hearts come alive, be heard, held, love and be loved. 

Joanna juggles a lot of complexities in her own life, including a teenage son, a growing relationship, corporate life, and her own struggles with anxiety. Never a sporty kid, two years ago, she took up running and went from sitting on the couch to trail running in less than six months. She was hooked and now has a passion for combining her therapy and coaching background, with an emphasis on movement, to help people with their wellbeing.

“Trail running has taught me so much about finding my pace, the value of endurance, pushing through obstacles, challenging myself in the face of adversity and resting and trusting in my body’s wisdom – particularly when I am injured.

As a somatic therapist, I learnt the value of the body’s wisdom. Trail running has taught me to trust my body and trust what I can do. People often say it’s ‘mind over body’. I think the opposite also applies - our bodies know what is best for us and if we nurture and look after them well, they will serve us well. When the mind is sick, the body can lead the way, if only we let it. There were many times during the last two years when it would have been easier to listen to my mind, particularly when I was anxious. Instead, I went for a walk, run, swim and never regretted it. Nature heals. Something about the feel of my feet on rocks that grounds me and the movement of my arms through saltwater that lifts me beyond the sometimes smallness, but always realness of my struggles.

I am passionate about helping people who are battling with everyday anxiety and stress, to move forward, in very simple, pragmatic, everyday ways that work for them. Especially now, I believe that it is important that we take responsibility for our mental health and physical health, do the inner work and growth so that we can both save and create a better world for ourselves and those who come after us. Nothing is more important. It is a beautiful world out there, and we will never have this life, these loves, these chances, again.



  • BA Communications

  • Graduate Dip, Marketing

  • Graduate Dip, Somatic Psychotherapy

  • Graduate Dip, Counselling

Connect with me if you want to prioritise your health and wellbeing so that you can have a life that you enjoy.