Robert Meredith - Leadership Facilitator, Executive Coach and Consultant


“I’ve always been fascinated by what makes us tick and how to be the best we can be.

'The me that I know when I’m at my best’ is an experience that while common to all of us, is unique for each of us. My work assists individuals and organisations gain more access to that state in which they perform at their best, feel engaged, energised and alive, and their lives both in and out of the workplace feel rich and meaningful.”

Robert Meredith is a Leadership Facilitator, Executive Coach and Consultant who empowers senior executives and teams to become high performing, authentic leaders who are resilient, empathetic and confident in an increasingly disrupted, VUCA world.


Robert was a founding member of McKinsey’s Performance Leadership Institute and worked with clients here in Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, North and South America.


He has experience in coaching C Suite and senior executives across a wide range of industries including mining, legal, finance, insurance, IT, engineering, construction, telecommunications, retail and energy. He was a designer coach and lead facilitator on the ANZ companywide transformation program that is generally recognised as one of the most successful culture change programs ever run in Australia resulting in a staff satisfaction and employee engagement rate of 85%.

He specialises in leadership development, high performance mind training, emotional intelligence, transformational change and creating high performing teams and cultures.


His unique high energy, integral style combined with his knowledge of the latest trends in Neuroscience, mind-body connection and mindfulness builds trust and brings behavioural and cultural change that lasts. He works the core of an issue and moves rapidly to the real change that will bring the desired outcome. Robert was one time leader of the British Meditation Society. He is one of Australia’s leading meditation teachers of effortless, transcending type practices and has taught literally thousands of people to meditate.


Robert has taught meditation to executives, elite sportspeople, parents, community groups and university students, helping them be more effective, less stressed and more confident in their everyday lives.


As a professional theatre actor, he is also available for voiceover work.



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