Christina Sumner - Life Coaching with a focus on the challenges and opportunities of ageing

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"Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.”

Douglas MacArthur


“The pathway to your best life is owning every moment and, with gratitude, embracing the age you are.”  

Oprah Winfrey



Christina embodies what it means to be a mature woman who has traveled many different paths in life with authenticity, courage and grace. Mother of two daughters and grandmother of four, Christina is passionate about ageing consciously. 


For her, this means greeting each day with anticipation, keeping strong and active, letting go of what no longer has meaning, spending time with family and friends, stimulating her mind with new ideas and a commitment to lifelong learning, and nurturing and caring for her spirit.


Recognising through personal experience both the challenges and opportunities integral to the ageing process, Christina brings warmth, wisdom, and a calm presence to her coaching, so that her clients have time to reflect, re-imagine and recalibrate the next chapter of their lives.


In the field of personal development, Christina leads meditation and yoga retreats, 'The Way of the Elder' workshops, and has taught meditation. Her mentors are Dr. Julie Henderson and Dr. Tony Richardson, leading psychotherapists, teachers, and Buddhist practitioners.   Christina’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Advanced Somatics and Certificates of Contemporary Somatic Psychotherapy, Adult Education in Training, and Conscious Coaching.


As Principal Curator, Christina led the Design & Society Curatorial Department at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum and, among other programs, was responsible for developing the UNESCO-facilitated exhibition Bright flowers: textiles and ceramics of Central Asia. She also ran a training program in Kazakhstan, was invited to speak at a UNESCO conference on traditional Miao embroidery in Kunming, China, and led special-interest tours to India, Central Asia, Bhutan and the Caucasus.