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About us

Why we do what we do...



We founded Keep Evolving, and do this work, because we know it makes a difference.

A good difference.

Our experience is that as people grow in consciousness (awareness) of both their inner and outer worlds, they become more creative, wiser, more autonomous, more productive, more caring, and better leaders.

Ultimately the raising of consciousness leads to a happy, more fulfilled, and productive life centered around being of service to family and friends, the workplace, society, and a commitment to leaving the world a better place for having passed through it.

In pursuing the raising of our own consciousness, we have learned much about the nature of consciousness and the human condition.   It is part of our mission to pass on what we have learned to others.

Thus, our Purpose is to make a major contribution to the raising of Consciousness of individuals, groups, organisations, and societies, thereby adding to the evolution and wellbeing of all life on the planet.




Our focus is on what works.


Over the last 30 years, our team has researched, stripped back, cherry-picked, and distilled the best that we could find of Adult Education, Developmental Psychology, Eastern and Western traditions, and strategies for being effective in a fast-changing world.  There is an enormous amount of information, tools, and techniques available now in this field. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all.

Our goal is to present you with the simplest and most effective tools to create your better life.

This website represents those theories, strategies, and practices that have demonstrated consistent, sustainable results over time. Not only in our own lives and businesses, but in the lives and businesses of the thousands we have worked with.

Our experience tells us that people evolve when they are engaged in group learning environments supplemented with individual coaching and online Learning.

We also know that learning sticks with people when they use it and review it regularly. This means that we recommend regular interventions to best support the growth of individuals and organisations which will be more effective than occasional episodic events.




The main elements that go to make up our approach are outlined throughout this website.   Please take the time to browse and discover them for yourself.   We recommend you start here.

Meet the Keep Evolving team...