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StJohn Miall

“Deep down, I think we all want to live a good and meaningful life.   But what does the ‘good’ in ‘good life’ actually mean?

The answer will be different for all of us, but after 30 years supporting people to seek their own unique answers, some common themes have become evident.

The first is that each person will continue to search until they find meaning, or a sense of purpose, for their lives – to find their own niche and a path for their passion, for their energy and their particular skills and qualities. They need to find their own way to contribute to making the world a better place and making a difference in the lives of those they touch.

This may well change over time as they grow and develop themselves. Just as life becomes sorted and understood and mapped out, it morphs into something different… this is quite normal, but difficult to come to terms with!

Then they need to develop some emotional intelligence skills so they can manage the complexities of their family and work relationships so they can evolve from a source of conflict, frustration and difficulty into a rich and rewarding part of their lives.

They also need to come to terms with the many facets of their diamond like personality, some of which shine brightly from the beginning, but many need to be cut and polished, and understood in a way that allows them to be managed to effectively achieve the chosen goals in life.

Finally, there is the realisation that this is a life-long journey that goes through many stages, each with its unique set of challenges and opportunities.

This is a journey that I have been making and continue to make for myself.  I have been a student of the human process and have been fortunate enough to pass on to thousands of others what I have learned along the way about how to understand this great adventure called Life.

I have fallen into a fair few potholes as I have travelled along in my life, and have a strong sense of gratitude for those who were there to show me the way out and point me in the right direction again.   The least I can do is provide that same service to others travelling a similar path.”


  • Alexia is an experienced business coach and trainer who combines her gentle, peaceful nature with intelligence and wisdom. She supports people superbly and she really knows her stuff when it comes to leading people into processes that open them up to new ways of thinking and learning. Her work as a group facilitator is amazing because she knows how people tick and is willing to support them patiently as they learn...What a fantastic woman. I would recommend her services without hesitation.
    Margie Braunstein
    Facilitator & Psychotherapist
  • One of the key differences that puts StJohn Miall ahead of other leadership development professionals, is his ability to have real empathy for his clients. He has a  gift for facilitation and mentorship and he really cares about helping people reach their best potential, in both their personal and professional lives. This coupled with his vast practical and theoretical experience means that he is able to deliver professional and personal development programs that deliver results:  people who participate in programs run by StJohn find they gain clarity, direction and confidence that helps them become effective leaders, more resilient to change, happier within themselves and passionate about making a difference in the world.

    Joanna Woutersz
    Corporate Communications Specialist
  • StJohn brings a unique enthusiasm and passion to personal and professional development. His ability to develop and deliver programs to diverse groups sets him apart from his colleagues. His facilitation style puts the most reluctant or hostile participant at ease and empowers individuals and groups to achieve growth and change via practical tools and practices.
    Jo Beat
    Marketing, Product, Segment & Technology Professional
  • StJohn is a truly innovative thinker - sometimes almost ahead of his time in seeing where the world is heading and what needs to be done. His creativity is extraordinary, a StJohn powerpoint is a thing of beauty and joy! That's saying something...
    Julian Crawford
    ISSP President / Net Balance (Senior Advisor)
  • I have had the privilege of being a student, then a supporter in many of the courses StJohn leads. Through his interpersonal skills, he brings heart and warmth. When I was attending these courses, I was managing a medium size team of people and the results of my team improved remarkably. I give full credit to StJohn who taught me (among other things) that empowering people is the secret to success in the corporate world.
    Rick Giddins
    State Manager at Retirement Transitions
  • StJohn is professional facilitator who inspires and educates people with his depth of knowledge and wisdom honed over many decades working with people from all walks of life. As a colleague, I learn so much from his teaching, his clear leadership and his incredible intelligence. I watch in awe as he leads participants to the windows of their own awareness and catch a glimpse of the possibilities available to them in life. I've witnessed tremendous transformations as people open their minds and their hearts under StJohn's warm and generous leadership and care... I would recommend people to his Keep Evolving programs or to his Quest for Life groups without hesitation. Singe is authentic and just a great person all round.
    Margie Braunstein
    Facilitator & Psychotherapist
  • St John is an inspiring teacher and facilitator of personal and professional development courses. He has great depth of knowledge in his field and lives what he teaches; he walks the walk.michael
    Michael Masani
    Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist
StJohn Miall has been working in the field of business and personal transformation for more than 25 years. Through coaching, facilitating and designing development programs he has supported thousands of individuals to discover more expansive and creative ways of working and being – ways that provide fulfillment and personal meaning and which achieve results that contribute to making the world a better place.

StJohn is recognised for his capacity to see through complex issues and bring clarity out of confusion.  As a presenter he is empathetic and has a commitment to making the teaching space both fun and transformational.


Leadership Development, 360 Degree Feedback, Teams, Adult Development, Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, Mindfulness & Meditation, Coaching and Mentoring, Communication and Facilitation Skills, Work–Life Balance & Sustainabiity Issues

Training and Qualifications

University of Bradford, UK – Joint Hons BSc in Geography & Economics

University of Sydney – Post Graduate Studies in Planning

University of Technology, Sydney – Graduate Certificate in Adult Education in Training

Training in Somatic Psychotherapy

Accredited Consultant at The Leadership Circle Asia Pacific

Executive Associate with the Full Circle Group of Consultants

Facilitator for the Quest For Life Foundation

Alexia portrait

Alexia Miall

“I was born, bred and grew up in Sydney, Australia in what seemed like an idyllic existence at the time.  As the eldest daughter of two children, I loved learning about life, the planet and the people on it, so school was a very rewarding experience.  Sport was a passion and I played Netball for 20 years, along with swimming, surfing and tennis, always feeling very at home in water, especially the ocean.

From the age of five I learnt ballet and tap dance and believed I would be a dancer when I grew up. Because I appeared in all the class plays throughout school, I spent a lot of time on stage and it felt so natural to be up front.  This experience was a precursor to another of my passions which is assisting others to bring forth what is deep inside of them to shine as they truly are.”

Alexia Miall is a well regarded facilitator and executive coach.  She has worked across a wide range of industries including retail, energy resources, telecommunications, banking, advertising and marketing.

Her career began in banking and then moved from advertising to adult education and training, where she managed her own training company in Melbourne for several years. Having held Board positions with a number of companies her expertise as an executive coach and mentor is extensive.

She is a Facilitator with Quest for Life, and a healer in a number of modalities. 

She has had the opportunity to wear many ‘hats’ up to this point in her working life, and whilst they all have a connection with her passion for communication (especially listening), they also utilise her amazing people skills. Her compassion and empathy shine through when she works with others, enabling them to be all of who they were always meant to be.


Executive Coaching and Mentoring, Women’s Leadership, Adult Development, Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, Train the Trainer, 360 Degree Feedback, Mindfulness & Meditation.

Training and Qualifications

University of Technology, Sydney – Graduate Certificate in Adult Education in Training

Accredited Consultant at The Leadership Circle Asia Pacific 

Accredited Consultant in the Barret Values Center Cultural Transformations Model

Accredited Practitioner CLS 360

Accredited Consultant in Core Dimensions Q12 Instrument

Accredited Consultant in the DiSC Profile Personality Model

Accredited Practitioner Human Synergistics, LSI instrument

Facilitator for the Quest for Life foundation

Conflict Resolution Network Facilitator

Training in Somatic Psychotherapy