Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones have revolutionised the way we do things.  They allow us to work from anywhere there is an Internet connection, allow us to video-conference, and help us transfer important information quickly and easily to almost anywhere in the world.

These tools also changed the way we think.   Why try and remember everything when we can find out nearly everything we need to know with a few keystrokes?

This internet revolution is also bringing big changes to the way we learn and take in information.

At Keep Evolving we strongly recommend to our clients that they include e-Learning modules in the training of their staff as well as face to face sessions and coaching.


Some Benefits of e-Learning

Your schedule, your pace, your place.

​Simple, flexible logistics: After location, time is the greatest limitation on learning. That goes for instructors and students, who, in face-to-face instruction, have to be available and in alignment with each other – same time, same place.  By removing that requirement, everyone involved can participate at a time, and for a duration that suits his or her schedule, from any location with Internet access.

​There have been many studies showing that e-Learners retain the material to a significantly greater degree than face-to-face, instructor led, classes.

​The content delivery is consistent – and can be easily repeated, if needed – to gain a better understanding.

​Built–in tracking through a Learning Management System (LMS) can organise and schedule groups of learners, track progress, assess learning and report back to Managers/HR/L&D.

As companies become more globally focused, co-workers are more likely to work in different places, if not on different continents. Online learning can help prepare employees to excel in today’s scattered, virtual, offices. For those already working up the career ladder, online learning makes use of resources and technologies already at their fingertips.