“An unexamined life is
not worth living.”


Too often, our inner landscape is neglected and ignored as we go about our daily activities.

This is partly due to the way we were brought up – most of us were not taught the skills of self-reflection and personal evolution.

It’s also because our cultures, both in the workplace and in our wider society, rarely recognise the value of working on the Inner Game.   Besides, It’s easier, faster, and often feels safer to work on the Outer Game.

Our effectiveness as a leader is assessed by others through our actions, behaviours and achievements, often without recognition that these are dependent on our internal operating system based on our (often subconscious) beliefs, attitudes, assumptions and mental models about who we are and how the world is.

Personal change and evolution is virtually impossible without a good working knowledge of our own inner landscape.

If we continue to neglect this inner landscape it will keep us operating out of our out-moded, Reactive mindset.  (see Reactive to Creative)

Updating our operating system, just like with our computers and smartphones, will ensure that we are operating at our most effective and productive.

This process of upgrading is not achieved through a simple download from the Internet, but through the regular practice of reflection on how we react to the events and people we come across each day, what’s working and what could benefit from a change in the way we go about things.

Our goal is to help you develop, and put into practice, these reflective and self-awareness skills, so they  they will provide you with all you need to ensure that your operating system, and your leadership is evolving daily.  (see Mindfulness & Meditation)